Market Intelligence News

Transforming Unstructured Data into Structured Information to deliver Actionable Insights from News events across the globe

News and Analytics at Fingertips on a Single Platform

Market Intelligence News or MIN is Amukha's pioneering news aggregation tool with sentiment analysis and categorization that offers insightful consumption of news.
Combining new-age technologies such as NLP and industry expertise, MIN converts unstructured data into structured information to deliver actionable insights from news events across the globe.

MIN Capabilities

News Aggregation Engine

A pioneering news aggregation tool that captures news and tweets in real-time from thousands of mainstream and white-label sources globally


Our news analysis engine categorizes news articles into 70+ categories such as expansion, M&A, disaster, financial distress, bankruptcy, financial crime etc.


Our clustering engine groups related news articles together to measure momentum using advanced entity recognition techniques and similarity algorithms.

Sentiment Analysis

Our revolutionary NLP (Natural Language Processing) based sentiment analysis engine accurately measures the impact of news for companies, sectors, currencies and commodities.

MIN Use Cases

Early Warning Signals

Identify Pre-Default Behavior by decoding Sequence of News Events and thereby Minimize Risk in your loan book.

Adverse Media Screening

Perform complete Background Screening of New Customers/ Borrowers on Adverse/ Negative Media coverage using the rich history of Global News Data.

Portfolio Monitoring

Track News, Business and Red-flags events for your portfolio companies. Analyze and Compare Sentiment Scores for portfolio companies/ sectors.

Lead Generation

Stay in the know about companies doing well on growth parameters. Target the right companies at the right time to bring more business by identifying companies which may require funds to fulfil their growth agendas.

Edge in Trading

Stay ahead of the markets with fastest breaking news. Track divergence in price of the stock/currency/commodity and sentiment score to spot trading opportunity.

Competitive/ Market Research

Deep-dive into the rich history of Global News Data to gather Competitive/ Market Intelligence about the rival firms or sectors.

Market Intelligence News

MIN, powered by NLP and Text Mining, is a pioneering news aggregation tool with sentiment analysis and categorization for insightful consumption of news. MIN's news engine keeps tab on thousands of sources globally to capture updates on all types of entities in real-time

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